International Women’s Day! :)

8th March, International Women’s Day!

Few words of #Love #Respect & #Gratitude to the ultimate Divine Energy, in the form of a Woman!

You are… a Tremendous Happiness for the entire family when you are born.

You are… the Best Friend as a sister.

You are… the Secret-keeper as our ‘Safe’.

You are… a Support, when everybody else doesn’t seem to be.

You are… The One who won’t have dinner until her child has food, even if it is midnight! Just to have food together.

You are… The Only One in the family who does ‘Time Management’ effectively & efficiently.

You are… The One who gives your share of sweet to your child to see a smile on their face.

You are… the source of ‘all-time-favourite stories’ & the Best Story-Teller as a Grandmother.

You are… an Inspiration.

You are… a Leader.

You are… a Guiding Star.

You are… the Creator.

You are… the Protecting Force.

You are… a Blessing, in every form.

You are… LIVE Example of Unconditional Love.

You are… the Reason of Smile on everyone’s face. 🙂

You are… an Important part of everyone’s life.

You are… A WOMAN!

Whatever role you play, as daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grand-mother, you are someone on whom we can count on, always!!! 🙂

Happy International Women’s Day! 🙂

Vineet J. Sharma 🙂



All the time, either we utilize time or we waste time. In other words, either we use time or we misuse time! In ‘more’ other words, either we spend time or we invest time!

One thing is common that whatever we go through later, is a result of what we have done with our time earlier, when we had time. So, please invest your time, rather than spending your time! Make the most of available valuable time! 🙂

And please don’t thank me for taking out time to come up with the above thought! It’s okay… Sometimes I invest my time like this for others (my reader’s) benefit! Hahahaha… 😉